Help-U-Sell: Keep more of your equity


Sellers : Keep more of your equity!

Mistakenly, many consumers believe that Help-U-Sell® of Santa Clara County is a For Sale By Owner company, or, that we provide consumers with a menu of services to choose from. However, none of this is true. Just like traditional real estate companies, we offer full real estate services, but we give you something more. Help-U-Sell of South Santa Clara County gives you the freedom to choose if, and how much, you want to participate in the sale of your home. Thanks to our set fee model, whether you do some of the work or we do it all, you still keep more of the equity in your home. 

Our three choices are simple..... (1) In general, you can save the most amount of money by showing your home yourself and conducting open houses to prospective buyers.

Or, (2) if you'd like a more traditional real estate experience, you can choose to allow one of our three licensed associate brokers to show your home and locate a buyer for you. 

And since we are members of the multiple listing service (MLS), (3) you can also choose to place your home for sale in the MLS and have other local real estate agents participate in the sale of your home. (Requires a minimum of 2.5% co-op fee to be made available to an agent from a different brokerage that brings you a buyer in addition to our flat fee).

No matter which option you decide, you still save thousands compared to the cost of a full traditional 5% or 6% commission, and you receive a full complement of real estate services from our licensed real estate brokers or agents.

Throughout the entire sale, we manage the transaction, providing the same services a traditional real estate agent does including negotiating, helping you evaluate offers, finding financing for the home buyer’s mortgage, coordinating inspections and appraisals where appropriate, troubleshooting hurdles that may arise, and more.

Try asking our traditional brokerage competition to lower their listing fees and see what response you get........We promise they won't be forthcoming.

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 We are certified REO and Shortsale specialists with 3-full time brokers (among other CA licensed agents) to give you personalized 1 on 1 service.