Help-U-Sell: Home Buyer Realties


The Home Buyer Realities

 The home Seller's motivation, current real estate market conditions, types of financing, and average length of time for properties in the current real estate market are some of the key factors impacting the negotiating process. Please discuss these with your real estate Broker/Agent prior to signing a home offer, counter offer or withdrawal.

 Recognize the competitive nature of the real estate market and the likelihood of competing home offers. Realize that in a competing offer situation, only one offer will result in a sale and one or more home Buyers may be disappointed. Buyers with less than 20% for a down payment may need to submitt more purchase offers in order to secure an accepted offer. The key is to be persistent, tenacious and aggressive with your purchase offer submissions.  Our brokers are experts in maximizing your chances of offer acceptance when working with less than 20% down.

 It is very important to accept that a home Seller is not obligated to acknowledge, counter or reject a home offer. In addition, a home Seller may or may not inform other Buyers of the existence of an offer to obtain better terms or price.

 Confirm with your real estate Broker about how decisions will be made, negotiated or presented for offers, counter offers or withdrawals. Remember that decisions are made by the home Buyer.  

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