-   NOTE: After reading the following information below, please select the appropriate listing address that you are inquiring about for detailed offer instructions on that specific property. 

     -     All offers are to be emailed to: Agonza9297@Aol.com

 -         Help-U-Sell will not disclose to any buyer or agent/broker the terms of any offer received for a listing.  This is the only sure way to ensure a fair opportunity for all buyers. Please do not ask in an indirect manner. The only information that will be shared is the number of offers, if any, physically in hand.

 -         Please submit your highest and best offer initially. Do not expect a counter-offer from the seller unless detailed in the offer instructions for that specific property. Seller is under no obligation to counter offer any buyer at anytime.

 -         No offer will be submitted to the seller of record without a Pre-Approval letter from a direct lender and proof of liquid funds to cover the earnest money deposit and/or purchase price.  A recent AUS approval or DU approval is also acceptable if originated within three months of initial offer.  Please make sure your pre-approval letters meet or exceed your final offer amount. 

-         If your offer is way over the lender-appraised value of the property, please be prepared to cover the difference.  The seller will not negotiate with offers that initially come in high, to beat competitive offers, with the intention of reducing the purchase price based on a future appraisal.  An addendum or counter offer will be originated to this effect during the offer negotiation period if deemed necessary.

 -         Unless specifically stated otherwise in the property details page, all offers will be presented on a first-come, first-serve basis, within 24 hours of offer receipt. Agent workloads vary throughout the week.  We require a minimum of 24 hours to upload or present any purchase offer sent to us.

 -         If your purchase offer is accepted, PLEASE do your best to not cause the sale to be extended.  The accepted Close Of Escrow (COE) date is extremely important to all parties involved. It is imperative to stay on top of all inspections, appraisals, contingency removals, and for the buyer’s lender to complete buyer loan requirements in a timely manner.  Sometimes, extending the COE date is needed due to unforeseen circumstances that come up. Failure of the buyer’s agent, or their loan officer to perform their duties in a timely manner is not an acceptable reason to request an extension.  Please be diligent and professional.

   We look forward to a smooth and painless escrow with you!

                          Adalberto V. Gonzalez, Broker of Record